Leave your inhibitions at the door but bring your appetite for Bob’s Steak & Chop House, at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, is anything but shy about their big portions, big drinks and hand-picked meats. Start with a cocktail in the lounge – a big cocktail – their standard 8oz wine pour makes a great primer for what’s to come; relax on leather sofas and take in the classic vintage sports décor, while you sip on your big’ol Texas sized drink.

Bob’s Steak & Chop House is a transplant from Texas. This Western eatery originally opened in Dallas in 1993 and has been renowned nationally for their dedication to a simple philosophy that has been effective for nearly 2 decades; the best hand-picked cuts of Prime beef, chops and seafood; great service; simple elegance, big drinks, big portions and top-notch wines. Bob’s shows that “bigness” from Texas translates to greatness right here at the La Costa in Carlsbad, CA. But Bob’s likes to keep it simple, delicious, and is famous for their chefs’ moniker, -we’re not trying to prove how smart we are with gimmicks and ingredients you can’t pronounce, but how smart our customers are by eating at here. Not only did I feel smarter after my dinner at Bob’s but better looking too. Perhaps it was those big’ol martinis and 8oz wine pours!

Patrick Sarte, General Manager of Bob’s at the La Costa was busy the night of our visit. An ill-timed fire alarm was something reminiscent to the 7th inning stretch at a ballgame. Other than the shrill sound of the alarm, it was nice to get up, stretch the legs, walk outside, enjoy some fresh air and gaze at the stars before returning to finish our dinner. Despite the unplanned intermission, I had a chance to talk to Patrick about Bob’s Steak & Chop House, how they source their meat and find out what the heck is going on with that giant carrot that comes with every steak dinner.

G&TL: It’s great to have a wonderful high-end restaurant back at the La Costa. What makes Bob’s so great?


Our beef is raised in Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. All of our meat is hand selected at The Stock Yards of Chicago since 1993. Our service culture is professional, engaging and our goal is to make the guest feel like a VIP from the first visit on. We stress authenticity in our service style. We want our guests to trust that our servers are there to help them.

G&TL: You have some interesting table snacks waiting for guests. What’s the thought behind the jar of pickles and pickled peppers?


Our founder grew up with pickles like these and he wanted them in his restaurant. So when you arrive at your table, the famous pickles come standard and a fresh, hot loaf of bread is delivered almost immediately for you to enjoy while you order your drinks and your meal. Bob’s bread is supposed to be interactive. It is a big Boule that is meant to be torn apart by hand. It is crusty and piping hot, with a big pad of butter.

G&TL: I’m sure the question everyone asks, what’s the story behind the carrot served with the steak?


When Bob’s started out we wanted something on the plate people would remember. We started with the carrot and it is now an iconic component on our plate. We serve about three tons of carrots each week. It may seem silly for a world-class steak house to tout its glazed carrot, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand.