It pains me that I can’t give the Bluewater Grill on Catalina Island a 5 star review. We frequent the Bluewater Grill in Newport Beach and love the dockside location, food and service. I wish we could say the same about the Catalina Island franchise. The location is great, which I think, draws the attention of hungry sun-seekers strolling along the sublime oceanfront cobblestone ramblas. The views from the Catalina Island Bluewater Grill are stunning. With the iconic Casino as a backdrop to the beautiful emerald blue-green waters of the Pacific, and the sail boats and yachts bobbing lazily on the water, how could you possibly go wrong eating here?

Our party of 6, including 3 kids, ages 6, 7, and 4, were seated right away at a nice table outside, overlooking Avalon bay. We ordered clam chowder (which is one of my favorites at their Newport Location) and cheese burgers for the adults. Ordering a $16 burger, I understood that at least half of that is for the view, so I wasn’t expecting the burger to walk on water. But when the soups and the burgers were delivered at once, I knew we had a problem. It’s basic food service protocol to serve appetizers and soups first and entrees after. You want to enjoy a beverage – Sangria, for example (which we ordered), along with your app or soup before the main course is dropped. Making matters worse, although the soups were hot – and I have to have my soup hot – the burgers and fries were cold.

So it happens, the kitchen or the server get’s something wrong but it’s just lazy and poor service when you think, let’s just drop it and see what happens. We told our server that the burgers were cold. I took a bite out of mine and realized right away what happened. I politely mentioned to our Server that the burgers were cold and asked to send them back. She obliged and the burgers were returned about 5 minutes later by someone else. I was surprised to see my same bite mark from my cheese burger! The burgers and fries were hot but, did you seriously just nuke my food in your microwave and send it back to me? By this time, the 3 kids were done so we had to admit defeat, eat and move on.

So that’s the story of the Bluewater Grill on Catalina Island. If you want to enjoy a great view this restaurant has it. If you’re looking for a great meal just move on.